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Make an Impact and Move Mountains.
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51 North Creative

Web design, brand management, content creation, and marketing agency located in Boulder, Colorado offering companies and individuals around the world innovative solutions to help business grow.

Make an Impact and Move Mountains

Ready to elevate your brand and significantly grow your business? Put your company in a better place. At 51 North, we help you identify new opportunities, grow market share, and sustain success — all built on a business-centric foundation of strategy and creativity. What results is intelligent marketing and branding that catapults growth. Based in Boulder, CO, we have you covered for everything from branding and web sites, to social and video.

Creative Solutions
Web Development
Social Media Marketing
Website Hosting
Domain Registration
Professional Photography

Our Design Process

We follow these steps to make well-refined designs and beautiful products.



Determining the user needs is crucial. You can develop, what you believe to be, a great product. But if the end-users don’t have a need for the product, your product will not survive.



Following the definitions of your product comes the creation of concepts, of which is found within the ideate phase. You will find yourself creating, drawing, sketching and otherwise developing the visual flow of your products.This is the skeletal system that will be developed upon throughout the design process. Another important aspect of your ideate phase is how you plan on creating marketing messages and content outlines — all of which should coincide with your design sketches.



Here you will find yourself fleshing out those skeletal sketches and turning them into hi-fi wireframes. You will also find yourself validating the ideas of how your product is going to work with your end-users. User testing your hi-fis is definitely important to make sure all of the features within your product run smoothly and without problem.



The build phase is where we take all the information and feedback gathered from prototyping and we begin to build the product with design layouts and build upon our already established front-end coding. Thus, resulting in your final iteration — we put the asterisk solely because there are times we re-visit a “final” product and iterate upon it.



Once your product has been made available for the world audience, you should dive right into the analyze phase of the design process. In this phase we will gain insight on our newly published product. We attain these insights through product research and user feedback. The analyze phase is quite a pivotal point in the design process.

51 North Creative

The best team of design experts skilled in everything creative.

Austin Virts

Social management, content creation, brand development, automation

Austin is a creative by profession but an adventurer by nature. In the simplest terms, he is a creator. He studied marketing and economics in school but quickly learned that path wasn’t for him. He took on photography and graphic design full time and now acts as a freelance brand consultant with an array of roles in multiple companies including 51 North Creative. He spends his days crafting brand identities and creating corresponding content. He has a passion for turning concepts and ideas into brands and movements that people can be proud to stand behind.

Doug Ward

Web development, lead automation

Doug is a graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder where he studied Business Entrepreneurship and Strategy. Building websites and running marketing for over 5 different Colorado-based startups he is well versed in everything from HTML to Hubspot.

When he is not being a website wizard or a marketing master you’ll find him hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, or road tripping to his next destination.

Companies we have worked with..

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